La San Marco

La San Marco has provided innovative technology and performance in residential and commercial espresso machine designs since 1920. These Italian coffee machines bring the tradition of Italian espresso to cities throughout the world.

La San Marco espresso machines are ranked among the top manufacturers in the world. The company makes semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines in a range of style and colour options for home and commercial use. If you are looking for a coffee machine for your business, La San Marco offers durable commercial espresso machine designs with the high volume capacity you need and the quality espresso your customers desire.

La San Marco make efficient, reliable espresso machines in classic and innovative designs to provide a coffee maker for your home or business with a range of features. These espresso machines have innovative features, such as the choice of internal water tank, direct water, the ability to use ground coffee, hard pods, or soft pods, and group heads with the heaviest diffusers to maintain good seals and consistent water distribution for the best shot of espresso.

La San Marco’s most recent technology has been applied to New 105 Series: The flow variator gives the possibility to modify the brewing temperature in every group with relation to the used coffee blend without changing the temperature in the boiler and therefore the capacity to produce hot water and steam. Series New 105 advanced technology, design elegance, components reliability, materials solidity guarantee high level performances and the best brewed coffee quality.